Tetramaster Nostalgia is a clone of Final Fantasy IX's card game tetramaster for the android platform. 

An explanation of the rule is available underneath

At launch, it will come with the following features:

  • The original FF9 PS1 release visual design and feel.
  • All 64 original opponents decks available to battle against.
  • Opponents featured from 8 different game area.
  • All 100 cards can be collected.
  • Different AI for different opponent.
  • Rebalanced card fight to make it slightly more fair.

*** GAME RULES ***

I realised you might have never played the original game, if you didn't, here is an explanation of the game :

Tetramaster is a collectible card game in which you challenge other player (AI) to win their cards. There is 100 different card to collect.

Each card have up to 8 arrows pointing to vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. Each card also have 3 hexadecimal digit and a letter on it, these represent:

  •  fighting power (first digit), 
  • type of attack (the letter, second character, P = physic, M = magic, X and A are special attack, more on this later)
  • physical defense (second digit, third character)
  • magical defense (last digit, last character

Each digit can vary between 0 and F (15 in hexadecimal)

During a game, each player has 5 cards, they take turn placing cards on a 4x4 grid.

Your cards are blue, the opponents card are red.

When placing a card with an arrow pointing to an opponent's card, you can convert it: 

  • directly if the opponent doesn't point back
  • through a fight if the opponent point back (if the card has an arrow in this direction)
    • the attacking card use its power against the defence of the defender cards

The goal is to have the more cards of your colour at the end.

If you do, you can choose one of the converted cards of your opponent.

TODO list:

  • Each opponent needs a picture (8 missing)
  • Implement tournament in treno
  • Different AI behavior for different opponents
  • There need to be a menu before the selection of the area
    • deck: to delete cards and review cards
    • option: to control things such as volume, reset
    • about: where I bore people with my life story and the projects development
  • Regularly give cards to the player to simulate the cards you can gain outside of tetramaster in FF9 (through chocograph for example)
  • Opponents name sometimes overflow the game view
  • Bugfix when bugs are discovered (except oglop)


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